4:48 am

Many things happen at 4:48 am. For example, many normal people sleep. Or,

Some people may nurse their babies.
Some people may get up to go to work.
Some people are working.
For some people on other continents it’s in the middle of the day and they are going about their business.

What am I doing at 4:48 am you ask? Well,

I’m making coffee. I’m heating up milk in a baby bottle. I’m reading board books.
I’m UP for the day is what I’m sayin’.

There was a time when I had to report for work at 4:45 am. That was during my flight attendant days.

Today, I’m up at this time because I have an infant who is up at that time.

And no, she did not want to go back to sleep. Matter of fact, she’d been up since just after 3 am, playing in her crib and entertaining herself mostly quietly.

Trust me, I tried to keep her in there. I tried to keep her quiet. She would have none of it. By 4:48 am she was done being on her own and she wanted OUT of the CRIB already.

But this is just a phase. Or so I keep telling myself. Very, very soon, this babe will sleep 12 hours per night without waking.

Yes. She will.

Good morning to you!


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