Our gym

I finally found out the reason why we we spent thousands of dollars on basement renovations. It’s now crystal clear in my mind.

We did it for the kids. Or, more specifically, to get rid of the kids.

It doesn’t matter that the plan was to move the couch downstairs and have a nice, big HD flatscreen tv placed on the wall especially designed and reinforced for that purpose.

It doesn’t matter that the floor was “warmed up” by installing extra-thick subflooring to counter the effects of the cold prevalant in basement floors.

It doesn’t matter that we (um, I) moved bookshelves and comfy chairs downstairs for the enjoyment of the adults residing in here.

It doesn’t matter that the decorative light fixtures haven’t been installed, much less bought yet. Or that small bits and pieces of exposed drywall haven’t been touched up by paint yet.

What matters is that the room is mostly empty, save a few bins and boxes. Empty and LARGE.

Large enough that the various kiddies that play down there compare it to a school gym.

Let me repeat this: we have a gym in our house.


(This picture was taken in the summer, before the trim was painted and installed and the bookshelves were moved down.)

This has finally paid off for us poor, adult-conversation deprived people.

Because yesterday, we had the neighbours and two kids over for a Christmas brunch, and after some initial chaos, the three big kids went downstairs and STAYED DOWNSTAIRS for the bulk of the visit.

It was simply blissful. Especially after the baby went down for her nap.

We four adults talked in complete sentences, even paragraphs, without interruption. We CONVERSED for god’s sake.

We ate, and drank coffee and mimosas, and relaxed.

How. Utterly. Nice.


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