Cardiac arrest

We have never before indulged in the post-Christmas shopping madness.

We rarely participate in the pre-Christmas shopping extravaganza either. We usually have a list, and keep the gift-exchange small and simple.

This year however was a little bit different.

This post-Christmas season, we joined the rest of the obsessed mental folks and bought ourselves a new plasma tv for our newly renovated basement.

DH has been researching the type and brand for months. Years, even. He’s been waiting for prices to come down and for sales to happen. And then he bought it. Right after Christmas. And paid for it with credit.

Just at the same time, my camera decided to demonstrate some moodiness. Sometimes, it won’t download until the third or fourth try, and a heck of a lot of cable-stroking and jiggling. Sometimes the pictures display spots I don’t remember seeing when I was taking the shot. Sometimes, the camera gets dropped on the floor when pudgy little hands reach for it even though they know that MOMMY’S CAMERA IS NOT A TOY.

So DH buys a camera for me online. Apparently, the deals are fabulous, they’re clearing out stuff, and this one is a slight improvement from the current one. And yes, he paid with credit.

Of course, in the meantime, the new plasma tv feels naked without a dvd player. A proper one, specially designed for a plasma tv, not some junkly little piece of shit you can get at the local Walmart. The dvd player up here on the main floor, which is connected to the 20-year old Sanyo tv,  just won’t do.

While we’re hooking up with all this new technology, our credit card is getting kinda fat.

And with the new fancy shmanzy tv hanging on the specially reinforced wall, the old chair and garden furniture I am using temporarily in our multi-thousand dollar basement is really not improving my sombre mood. We need a proper couch down there. The one upstairs in the current livingroom would go well IF we can fit it down the narrow steps. If not, hello furniture store! Here, take my credit card, it still has room on it.

And the little dvd player really needs a home. On a low bench or other piece of furniture. Hi there Ikea, wanna come out and play with my credit card?

Of course now, the floor is kinda naked. Maybe a nice new area rug would help improve the atmosphere down there. Not the one we have now, because it’s all chewed up courtesy a puppy-nephew, and kinda dark for what I had in mind.

When the credit card bill comes in next month, I’ll probably have a heart attack. A nice little cardiac arrest.

But wait a minute. Maybe this isn’t so bad. Because frankly, a little visit to the intensive care unit for a few days of intensive rest will do wonders for my disposition.

Happy New Year! May 2009 be all you want it to be, and more!


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