Kids’ logic, sleep, and arguments

Lately, I’ve been feeling neglected. No one to IM with, no one to email with, no one to play with. Facebook was boring, don’t Twitter (yet) and surfing was tiresome.

So I sang a little song:


        Nobody loves me.
        Everybody hates me.
        I think I’ll go eat worms.


The 3yo heard this. It fascinated him.

Mommy, you can’t eat worms, those are yucky! They’re all covered in dirt from outside. People don’t eat worms. Do you want to play lego with me?

THIS is the real reason why I wanted kids…

* * *

This morning the baby woke up at 5:47 am.

I was dazed and confused. I mean, more than usual.

Is it 2 am? 3 am? Why is she singing? Is she happy? Why is she happy?

It didn’t really sink in that she slept from 6:30 last night to 5:45 this morning. Without waking up at least once during the night to have her usual episode.

She slept. Through the night.

I said to DH:

Did you hear her last night? Did I not hear her or something? Did you deal with her?

He said:

No. I didn’ t hear her. She slept.

Happy New Year! Took long enough…

* * *

There may have been a loud discussing this morning. About irrelevant BS. There may have been some door slamming, insult hurling, stomping, and throwing items belonging to offenders down the basement stairs. 

The kids watched wide-eyed and quietly until it was over. Well, sort of.  They weren’t exactly like an audience in a theatre, waiting for the performance to end so they could clap and cheer. It was more like “uh oh, better sit quietly and fiddle with a toy while they go at it” kind of behaviour.

This wasn’t Benjamin’s first experience seeing his parents fight battle argue over trivial shit. It may or may not have been Sonja’s first experience though. I mean, she’s seen and heard us argue, but she’s only 14 months old and doesn’t truly comprehend all that happens around her. As far as she’s concerned, the world revolves around her, and the rest is none of her business.

What astonishes me is how different she reacted to our, um, brawl dispute tiff, than when Ben was her age.

When Ben was a baby and we would bicker disagree quarrel, he would watch wide-eyed and then either participate by yelling too, or then approach one of us for hugs and comfort.

Today, Sonja seemed to take Benjamin’s cues. If he is ignoring us, well then, what’s a baby to do. She’ll just ignore us too, like he does. 

But not really. When we first started shrieking shouting yelling, she kind of startled a bit. I saw it and yet I was in the midsts of an emotional rollercoaster and couldn’t stop myself.

Especially after he told me to “go ahead and have your freakout”. Boy oh boy did that make me freak out more.

Anyway, he went away and I went about my business of packing up the various items one needs to take along when young children accompany oneself on errands.

But this story ends well. Because in the end, I ended up doing errands sans kids, and when I got back, the entire kitchen was cleaned up, the baby was napping, and there was no sound or sight of the 3yo.

Which is why I was able to put cold groceries into the fridge, make coffee, and have my blogging moment right here right now.

The end.


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