How to get kids off juice and onto water

My kids like juice. According to DH, “that’s what kids drink”. Well. I don’t know what he drank when he was a kid, but we grew up on water.

Juice was something we drank occasionally. Milk we drank in the morning, but not during the day or with lunch or dinner. We were served water. From the tap. A pop was something one ordered in a restaurant, and we rarely went to a restaurant.

 If you’re thirsty, drink water.


This rings true to this day. Even as adults, we need reminding that water is good for you, and to drink it throughout the day. If you understand German, you can follow Andrea on Twitter, or visit her weight management blog, and be reminded regularly to take that sip. (She understands English, so don’t be shy!)

The benefits of drinking water are endless. Here are just a few:

You eat less when you drink more water.
You stay hydrated longer.
It flushes out impurities.
It keeps away hangovers and headaches. (Really, this is true, especially if you like red wine. Red wine should never ever be served without a glass of water beside it.)

Water need not be expensive. You don’t have to buy it in plastic bottles, or with fizz in it. Although soda water (or the fancy named fizz you buy in expensive glass bottles) is just as good as water. Just look for low or no sodium content.

Yesterday, I drank a bit of flat champagne, left over from a brunch where we mixed it into mimosas (add orange juice). It tasted soso lala, mainly because it was flat, but also because it wasn’t really champagne (it was sparkling white wine).

So I added a few frozen raspberries into my glass. Got that idea from her. She invited me over on New Year’s Eve afternoon and added frozen raspberries into my cocktail. Yum!

When the 3yo saw my drink, he was fascinated.

Oh mommy, I like your pretty drink. Can I have one like this too when I’m big like you?

This little comment gave me an idea. Since he’s not a big water drinker, but does like soda water for some reason, I thought I could entice him to accept water if I fancied it up for him.

With frozen raspberries, for example. Although you can add all kinds of fun and colourful slices of fruits, or veggies, into the drink.



The frozen raspberries so far are a hit in this house. For now. And they’re still allowed to have a juice. But only one per day.

Perhaps this will help reduce, or hopefully eliminate, the hyper jumping around on the furniture. Fruit juice, no matter how “healthy” it may appear, is still a lot of sugar.

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But it’s worth a try.

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