Maybe we should just move

I don’t have enough to do in my life. Really. I sit around all day, feeling bored, popping bonbons into my mouth while catching up on daytime tv.

* * *

I look around my newly painted livingroom and I feel dissatisfied. Bored with the same old furniture that I can’t replace, bored with the same old look of the place, bored.

So what do I do while the baby is particularly cranky? I could fold laundry. Or clean up the mess in the kitchen. Vacuum…pick up toys…cook dinner? 

Eat? More likely. Drink wine? Definitely.

Nah. At least not yet.

So I move furniture around. No time like the present.

Look, this is what I do. It hits me every so often, kind of like a craving for chocolate. Except I crave chocolate every day. I don’t crave moving furniture around the place every day, thank god.

DH doesn’t comment anymore, and gave up complaining about my neurosis. He knows that eventually, everything will end up back in its original place.

He doesn’t like change much. But he doesn’t say much. He does roll his eyes in that elaborate way that is usually reserved for women when they witness men doing something dumb.

I warned him that I wanted to test the couch on the other wall. And asked him how complicated it would be to disconnect and reconnect the speakers from the stereo.

Like I said, he didn’t say much. No point anyway, I was on a ROLL.

Unfortunately, the end result isn’t much of an improvement. It’s less baby proof now than it was 20 minutes ago. And that’s only one problem.

Another is that I have no place to plug in the third lamp. I just bought those lamps too.

Oh, and I can’t see the tv from where I’m sitting now.

The dog doesn’t like his new spot either. Even though it’s still the same spot. The only difference is that instead of  lying this way he now lies perpendicular to how he did before. With the couch on his other side.

He’s not happy. Keeps trying out the bed and leaving. Hoping when he gets back that the place will be back to normal.

I’m not changing it around.

Or maybe I will.

* * *

Ok. I’m really beginning to hate it.

* * *

Fine. I’m moving two items back. Poor Rusty.

* * *

Can’t say I’m happy this way either. I mean, it looks different but the same. There’s a big blank spot where the other cabinet was before. Now it’s just – there. And I still don’t have a spot for the lamp.

But I’m fed up. My pants are covered in doghair. The baby won’t nap and is screaming, the 3yo is running around without pants or underwear on (why does he do that?) and it’s approaching arsenic hour (dinnerbathbedtime).


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