10 positive things about a broken shower

We only have one bathroom. We have two toilets, one upstairs and one downstairs, but we only have one shower (in the tub, in the upstairs bathroom).

Last night I noticed that the shower wasn’t working properly. But the kids don’t need showers, they can have a bath.

This morning, intending on washing my long hair, I was less than thrilled that the shower wasn’t working. A trickle will not get my hair wet, nor will it rinse out all the shampoo adequately.

But I’m tired of negative attitudes. So here is my list of 10 things I came up with that are not negative about this situation:

10. Washing my hair in the bathtub is equivalent to sit-ups.


The end.


4 thoughts on “10 positive things about a broken shower

  1. Well thanks for the tips, ladies! I tried to remember them when the shower broke the day after this first time (sorry about the falling-off-the-chair incident Andrea..). But it turns out that Home Depot is open at 7 am and he managed to find the correct size washer before I needed my shower….

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