Before we had kids…

It never occurred to me prior to the babies arriving that I’d constantly be running around the house looking for various items. I didn’t have this problem before, as I recall. I mean, who spends this much time looking for everyday items that should really be strategically located around the house? And I’m not talking about personal items like glasses, or even pens. I’m talking about specifically these two items:

We used to own a pair of scissors. They were in the kitchen drawer. If I needed scissors, I went to the kitchen drawer, opened it, and used them. Then I put them back. End of story. It’s not complicated.

Now? It’s complicated. Because apparently there can never be enough scissors in the general kitchen vacinity, let alone other parts of the house.  It seems that scissors are constantly missing in those exact places where I need them. And I seem to be needing them all the time. Did I use scissors this often when I was childless? Why is this such an ordeal now?

I need scissors to cut off tags on new clothes. To cut a picture or a sticker. To open mail (no, I can’t find the letter opener either). To cut those pesky plastic sealer things around big plastic cartons of prewashed precut lettuce or spinach leaves. To cut open packages like flour tortillas. To cut stuff. And a lot of stuff needs cutting…

So one day I went to Ikea and got two packages of scissors. They come in packages of 3, in funky colours. We now have about 6 scissors in the house in various locations. Except, just now, when I wanted to open the spinach container, I couldn’t find any of them…

Tissue boxes
Someone in this house is always oozing snot. Enough said.


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