Swiss Chard for dinner too!

So I forgot to take a photo of my soup from lunch today. Sorry.

Instead, I have this yummy image of my crockpot stew. With stew beef from the butcher, whose cows are pasture fed. And white-flesh potatos. Because they were out of the yellow-flesh Yukon Golds. And also with carrots, leeks, onion and Swiss Chard. Because I’m on a Swiss Chard kick (see soup).


Swiss Chard is actually really good for you. It tastes different from spinach, but you can use it interchangeably. I use the stems too, but you can discard them if you promise to put the in the compost and not the garbage. The leaves (and stems) are full of iron, and iron is a good thing for tired women who may or may not be pms-ing.

I’m looking forward to having a nice dinner tonight. With a nice glass of wine to go with it.


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