Mid-winter-life crisis

You know when your mood is kind of on the edge of a nice deep dark depression, and you feel kind of moody, and fat, and miserable, and everyone irritates you, even the family but especially strangers who piss you off just because they’ve parked their car next to a snowbank and you can’t get by without scraping their mirror?

You know how when you feel like you’re finally moving forward because the baby is sleeping better and then she decides that every night at 4 am she needs to have screaming fit for an hour and you just can’t shake that feeling of tired all day but especially in the afternoon? And then said baby has a nap but wakes up miserable and wants to cling to you and whine and cry and drip snot on you all day?

You know how you feel like pretty soon it’ll be time to chase children at local pools wearing a swimsuit and you look down at your belly and it sticks out and you know you’re not pregnant but you keep eating chocolate mom brought over because she can’t have any more for the same reason as you even though you told her to bring the chocolate over? And then you grab a handful of almonds, and then another, and you have two cookies with your tea, and you open the new bottle of white at 3:58 because if you don’t you’ll eat dinner at 4 pm instead of 6? And then again at 6, just because chewing food is one of those few things that makes you happy?

And you know how you want to do so much with your house, your blog, your kids, your dog, and your hair but you just don’t have any propulsion left in you?

Maybe it’s the weather. Or the month. Or the season. OR my life.

I feel so blah.


9 thoughts on “Mid-winter-life crisis

  1. Ladies, why did you not tell me that the whine wine party is here?

    I would have hung the garlands and dimmed the lights… and placed that cheezy fancy electronic billboard right out front: Happy hour at Javaline!

  2. Hello Andrea. Yes, I meant funny as in ha ha. I think the term “happy hour” in this context is funny ha ha, not my depression, which, today, is retreating a bit. And I haven’t had any wine yet…just coffee. And fast food (yuck).

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