Losing it

No, this time I’m not referring to my mind. I’m referring to actual objects, actually.

Explain to me how one loses the vacuum attachment. I’m referring to the big one, used for vacuuming the floor. It’s gone.

How is this possible?

The last time I remember seeing it was when I was vacuuming the basement. The kids were down there playing with their toys, and I remember specifically detaching the large vacuum piece, and attaching a smaller one. I also remember the kids playing with the larger attachment.

But where is it? I looked high and low and it can’t be found. I mean, this is not a large house.

It’s just weird.

I ended up having to vacuum the entire upstairs with the little attachment. No easy feat given the ginormeous amounts of doghair around here.

Then I was mopping floors. In the middle of mopping I got kinda thirsty. So I opened up a can of soda water, put a straw in it, and continued mopping away.

While waiting for the floor to dry so I can re-mop (trust me, this place needs a second mop!), I went looking for my can.

Where is it? It’s not on the kitchen counter, nor on any other counter. It’s not in the livingroom. Certainly not in the bedrooms since I didn’t mop there today.

I just opened it, like two minutes ago, and had a sip. I can still taste the sip…

No clue where the can is. I even looked in the refridgerator to see if for some reason I put in back in there.




3 thoughts on “Losing it

  1. You’ll find the soda, but only after a child (or animal if you have any) has knocked it over. Preferably on something hard to clean. Or that’s how it would go if it happened at my house (7 1/2 year, old, 2 3/4 year old, two oversized cats.)

    Good lucking finding your things.

  2. Yes StephLove, I found the soda a few minutes later. It WAS the dog…he went to sniff it. Of course it was right there in plain sight….”sigh”….Welcome to my blog!

    The other thing, the vacuum attachment, I found in the laundryroom two days later. That’ll teach me not to do laundry for two days…*smile*

    But all is back to normal now. Sheesh.

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