Winter blahs

I really got nothing to say. Well, I do, but it’s all mundane and blahish. Or then I’m so worked up over one thing or another that I could type on and on about it (and do, but in email) and I still feel the same afterwards (sorry Andrea). So this is a shortversionofmylife kind of post. Here you go:

I’ve been cooking and baking. Among other things, I made scones with parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds in it. Yummy.


* * *

Scene: In the bathroom, just after bathtime. I’m towel drying off the boy.

Ben: Mommy, <boy in school’s name> has dark, dark skin.

Me: Yes, he does.

Ben: But why?

Me: Because his mommy and daddy both have dark skin.

He seemed satisfied with this answer. I wasn’t sure how deep or long to get into it, but I was all ready to approach the subject of race and genetics. How there are different people with different colour skin, or different colour hair. But he dropped it and changed the subject, so that’s that.

* * *

I got a blogging friend in Australia. She complained about the heat there recently in an email. The only heat I’m feeling these days comes from the furnace. What with the deep freeze of late. And today – snow. It’s been snowing all night and it’s still snowing. The afternoon traffic rush has begun and no one is getting anywhere fast. Snow, snow, and more snow. I’m at a loss where to put all this snow. Tried shoveling earlier, but there’s not place to put it. So I gave up.


* * *

I’ve been playing lego. We made a dump truck and a roller for his collection of construction equipment. Had the ingenious idea to sort all the tiny lego pieces in a plastic egg container.


2 thoughts on “Winter blahs

  1. Shall I dance again for you? Will that help?

    Those scones look great and I have ONE question for you:

    what would you have told the little guy if he wanted MORE information about the dark skin?

    • I don’t have a script prepared. Do you? I’ll just answer the questions with simple, straigh-forward, and honest answers. That’s the best way, no?

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