Toddler frustration

This is what happens when mommy has laryngitis and can’t speak.

Scene: It’s almost bedtime. Toddler brings a book to mommy.

Toddler:  baak.

Mommy: . . .

Toddler: Baak!

Mommy: uugh . . .

Toddler: BAAK!

Mommy: cough. . .

You get the picture. Really, she tried so hard. She signed and threw the book at me and had a fit and kicked and screamed.

I tried to get Benjamin to read to her, but she would have none of that. It was mommy’s job to read the books before bedtime.

Well. I tried. I was so hoarse and could barely swallow, much less speak.

So sad.


4 thoughts on “Toddler frustration

  1. Sorry to read you are not well. Sending you some sunny down-under vibes.

    BTW you mention in this post that Sonja is signing. What are you using to teach her? T has a great 25 min video she watches, I wonder is it the same? I LOVE that she is signing now. Helps with her frustration. I didn’t do it with H.

    Baby Signs registered trademark.

  2. Thanks for the vibes! Sure could use some sunshine…it’s the coughing that gets me down these days. Hope it’ll pass soon.

    Benjamin signed early bec I taught him from a book. That is, we used some of the most obvious signs (like “more”, “milk”) but also made some up. I thought I had to be very rigid about these things but then realized that the ultimate goal was that communication is improved between him and me.

    I use the same general signs with Sonja. The book (I think it’s called Baby Sign) is helpful, but some of the Baby Einstein videos (we only have watched maybe 3 of all) do some signing too. Really, I don’t teach her animals or things like that. My focus is to get her to help me understand what the heck she wants. So she signs “milk” but also says “mek”. She signs “open” but made that one up herself (I don’t know what the official open sign is). That kind of thing.

    What video are you watching? I’d be interested…Sonja likes copying signs from the Neighbourhood Baby Einstein DVD.

  3. Happens to read your blog when I search for “toddler”.
    Sorry to hear that you are unwell, please recover speedy and hang in there with Sonja. I have a 9months old baby myself, So I understand… I got a blog at

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