I noticed something in the shower this morning. Something colourful and painful.

Which is why this post is not about turkey or chicken thighs.

Let’s talk about MY thighs.

Really, I have rather ordinary, normal looking thighs. Not too big, not too thin, not exactly athletic-looking, just normal thighs.

Except, for reasons I can’t quite explain, they shimmer in hues reminiscent of rainbows.

Take the right thigh. Right about the middle part of my thigh there is a huge, oval-shaped bruise the size of a small pancake. It’s blue and purple and black in colour, and it hurts.

How did it get there?

True, I bump into stuff all the time. Furniture, kids, toys, STUFF. But why don’t I remember how I got this particular bruise? I mean, it’s BIG and UGLY and it HURTS.

Too busy or tired to remember all the intricate little kid-related details, probably. And I’m sure they’re at least partially to blame for my pain.

On my left thigh I have three smallish-sized bruises lined up one on top of the other. The one closest to the knee is more yellow than blue, which indicates it’s an older one and fading. The other two are fresher and still greenish and purplish. Must have happened yestereday, or the day before. Maybe.

Those two fresher ones hurt me as much as the big one over on the other thigh, mainly because when I take the ape baby into my arms at 2 am to calm her down before she wakes the neighbourhood with her screaming, she pushes her footsies against my thigh. Push and kick. Over and over again. This action is likely the reason why those bruises don’t heal.

And this concludes the post about my thighs.


2 thoughts on “Thighs

  1. I can totally relate to this bizarre phenomenom.

    I am always amazed at how many bruises I find on my leg that I simply cannot account for?

    What’s up with that? It is truly weird.

    Maybe it is a gift from nautre. As stay-at-home moms we are totally consumed by trivia therefore we don’t feel the bumps when they occur.

    Dunno! All I know at the moment is that the 6 y.o. is devastated that the “pathetic” boy she now has to sit next to won’t stop annoying her.

    “Oh mom, he is just sooooo pathetic!”

    Don’t you just love it?

  2. Oh my, that is just so cute….wonder where she heard that expression before!!

    Not sure where in Australia you are, but wishing you some break in the heat, and some rain too!!

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