Heavy houses

We’re driving toward Benjamin’s school and see a beautiful little house for sale, right along the lake. The following conversation ensued:

Me: That is a lovely little house. We should buy it!

Ben: Mommy, we can’t buy this house.

Me: Why not? It’s right on the lake. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in this house?

Ben: But mommy, we can’t buy a house. It’s too heavy…

Me: Oh. Well, we don’t have to move the house, we can just buy it and leave it in this location.

Ben: But we have a house.

Me: Yes, but we could sell our house and move into this new house.

Ben: But mommy, we need the money to buy things.

Me: Yes. That’s right. When we sell our house to someone else, they will give us money. Then, we can take the money and buy this house.

Ben: But mommy, I told you already. The house is too heavy!

It astonishes me how much he is thinking about things. Every day he asks me questions that require more elaborate answers than I’m prepared for on short notice. The above conversation evolved into what happens when someone moves, how one packs up their contents and relocates them to a new place, what is required of people when they move, and so on. Ultimately however, he is clearly not ready to give up our little house right now. It is the only home he’s ever had, and he can’t imagine why I would even consider the idea of not going “home” to our house anymore.


2 thoughts on “Heavy houses

  1. I had a very similar conversation not long ago. I got to the bit about explaining about moving and packing etc etc… My overly sensitive girl ended up having nightmares about us moving.

    She woke in the night screaming because she dreamt we had packed up everything and left without her.

    She said she was chasing the truck down the street but we couldn’t hear her.

    Oh me, oh my how hard those busy little brains work.

    • Isn’t that interesting. The poor little thing. I too thought Benjamin might have some restlessness about this whole moving business, but he didn’t seem to really register it after the conversation. So far so good. As much as I sometimes wish I had a bigger house with more closet space and a room for each kid (they’ll be sharing once Sonja is out of the crib) the idea of moving, after all this renovating, is less than appealing…

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