In case you’re wondering about this header – Benjamin lined up all the lego men because they’re watching another one (not pictured) drowning in water.

The mat is water. The design in the mat indicates waves…

3 thoughts on “Header

  1. To be honest, I do not know if that makes me sad or happy.

    He seems to be very creative, to say the least.

    You will have to add the pic to this post before you change your header so that when the masses come and comb your archives, they will actually see what you are writing about 🙂 .

    (How hopeless and helpless is that situation… motionless lego men leaving a poor fellow lego man to his doom? This is sad. Yes.)

  2. I will add the pics into the post later. I guess I should modify the post to add that there was indeed a happy ending…ha! We have a rescue helicopter, a rescue boat, and a fire truck with trailer equipped to handle such emergencies. And, one of the lego men has a snorkel thing and a wet suit and flipper things on his feet…So don’t you worry that my son is allowing lego men to drown while all the others stand idle…no, no, no. There was this whole thing that happened…

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