A day in the life…blame the goldfish crackers

Grocery shopping day is always a lot of running around. There’s only so much time between dropping one kid off at the daycare, picking up the food, putting away the food, and keeping the toddler amused and awake and happy and not screaming, that by the time I get back home, I just want to eat chocolate.

In the blink of an eye, it’s time to go pick up Ben, and I realize that not only did I not get a chance to put the groceries away, I also forgot to have some sort of lunch ready for him.  AND, to put the roast in the crockpot. Dinner is always on the back of my mind…

Now I have a dilemma…where should I put the crockpot? Can’t be the kitchen counter, because it currently looks like this:


Solution? Plug it into an outlet in the livingroom, and place it on the kiddie table. I can always move it later. I just have to be careful carrying it because I gotta step over all this:


Next dilemma: do I have time to put the groceries away while the baby is having a quick catnap on the couch? Glance at the clock…um…not really. But the milk and yoghurt really shouldn’t remain on the floor. I throw those in the fridge, then attempt to get the baby re-dressed (boots and hat, never completely undressed her before) without causing a major protest. (She’s good, a little perplexed, but not too put out. Can’t wait for warmer weather, I’m getting a tad fed up with all  this winter gear.)

Off we go to get the older brother. I manage to apprehend him from the outdoor play yard, which is immensely helpful since I can just leave Sonja in her car seat. One less kid to have to struggle with.

At home…we have a lovely whine-and-dine fest. Sonja gets leftover spaghetti warmed up with parmesan cheese. Ben wants crackers. Goldfish crackers. We have a debate over what is classified as snackfood and what is classified as lunch. He and I don’t see eye to eye and the whine-and-not-dine fest continues.

Mommy is slowly losing it. Eyeing the chocolate but unwilling to share with the offspring. Chocolate is definitely not classified as lunch, but I’m allowed since I ate MY lunch.

And the day continues. My usual 4 o’clock deadline to pour a glass of wine is inching toward the 3:45 mark…hope to be able to keep it together.

Edited to add: TGIF

Because I’m not sure if I’m really up for another one of those freakin’ meltdowns. Who inventend this term for kids anyway? It’s way appropriate.

Needless to remind myself, the reason he was doing all this melting down was because he refused to eat anything I put in front of him. Or suggested. He was obviously very hungry. I almost, ALMOST, gave in to the goldfish cracker request but I gotta save face here too. I mean, two hours of melting down and I give him the crackers, what does this teach him?

He ate two carrot sticks. And all the apple slices. THEN I hand him the leftover kashi crackers I had taken along for Sonja to the grocery store, and lo and behold, there were about 5 goldfish crackers in there. He got those ones, but only after he ate the fruit and veggies. Of course now, he wants more….

Everything was a mess. It was beyond the crackers now. I wasn’t allowed to read the paper while I ate yoghurt and blueberries, I wasn’t allowed to tend to Sonja whom, after two attempts and bribes with milk, still wasn’t napping (was it too noisy for her in here?), I wasn’t allowed to put the dishes in the dishwasher, I wasn’t allowed to do anything. He was miserable. And a miserable shit.

Finally managed to get him into his bed with milk. It is currently quiet. at 2:52…how long has this been going on?

The roast needs seasoning. The dishwasher is turned on. I still have my boots on my feet. Is this why my feet hurt? When is DH getting home? Will he miss dinner again like he did all week?

At 3:30 I’m having a white wine spritzer.

Happy TGIF.


2 thoughts on “A day in the life…blame the goldfish crackers

  1. You wrote:

    I mean, two hours of melting down and I give him the crackers, what does this teach him?

    I say:

    Why does it need to teach HIM something? You should learn something 😯 !


    (for Pete’s sake. give the kid the crackers and remain sane… geesh. you guys eat great food, you afraid to let him off into marriage in 20 years with fish crackers on the wedding menu? he has the best chance to develope a great sense of food with you guys… just ease up and keep your sanity.)

    • Yes, I realize this in hindsight. However, I can guarantee that if he had received the crackers for lunch he would have found a different reason for having the meltdown. I saw it in his disposition….I’m just glad he finally managed to have that nap. We ALL felt better afterwards…

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