Cupcake failure

It was a sad day for cupcakes. Poor Benjamin was so excited. This will be the first year that his birthday falls on a school day instead of March Break, and he will be the one they sing to at snack time. So I promised him we would make cupcakes for the occasion.
He helped. Of course. He did all kinds of stirring and licking…
And then he pulled up a chair and watched them bake. With an armload of his favorite Bellos.
But they didn’t turn out. They were a complete disaster.

They stuck to everything. Not sure why or what happened, but we were kind of disappointed. Could it be because I used butter instead of vegetable oil in the recipe?

We have another box of this stuff. And I bought a canister of vegetable oil. We will try again…
The next question however is, what do we do with all the broken cupcakes?  All 36 of them?
We could place them all in a dish like this and drizzle them with cut-up strawberries and cream….
Or we could let the child play with the crumbs…like this…and make a big mess…and then make him vacuum it all up before the baby gets up and eats the crumbs…

Thankfully the disaster happened on Monday. His birthday isn’t till Friday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go bake some more cupcakes.


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