They just don’t listen


It is a matter of months, weeks, days until that child knocks out one some of her teeth.

There is nothing I can do to prevent this from happening. No matter how hard I want it to not happen. No matter what I do. No matter what I wish. No matter what I say.

It is inevitable.

Today, after repeated attempts to convince her hardheadedness that jumping on the couch will result in a fall which will mean she will bump her head, she fell.


Neither DH nor I were in the room when it happened. But we heard the big thump.

We went to check.

There’s blood out of her mouth, blood on her upper lip, and blood out of her nose.

No tooth missing though.

But it won’t be long…


9 thoughts on “They just don’t listen

  1. Hi,

    Couch jumping is our kids favorite hobby as well. Big advantage, we don’t have a couch-table.
    For some months (or was it years?) we started putting cushions on the sofa. Since then almost nothing ever happened again. And the children started jumping down from the top of the wardrobe (OMG 🙂 )

  2. That reminds me of a family in Switzerland… a homeschooling family who posted pictures of their kid climbing the walls… do you know the blog I am talking about 1000 Sunny?

    Scares the bee-jee-bees out of me! (Because the kid was like REAL high over an open stairwell or something like that.)

  3. Removing the coffee table from the couch is a brilliant idea 1000Sunny (welcome!). I pushed it toward a wall in front of the tv to prevent “das kleine Affenkind” to push the tv buttons, but the table is still close enough to the couch that she could fall onto it.

    I neglected to mention in my article that the Gorilla Child also has a bruise on her forehead the size of “ein Manderinchen”…

    Andrea – you mentioned before the boys climb over baby gates. The gates worked well with Ben, but with Sonja, I don’t even bother. They’re only going to increase the accident-prone areas around here…

  4. I remember a two year old T2 (second daughter) who climbed up our bookshelf. It ended in a visit to the emergency room with stitches in the back of her head… she was such a clutzy kid (but no way near as active and adventuresome as Y… whole-moley).

    We wont be able to let those girls play together without some sort of chapperone!

  5. (maybe 1000sunny should not be writing about blasting away the Schulpflicht… we should get rid of the wohnungssituation in germany and all move back to living in the trees 😯 !)

  6. Excuse me for saying this, but living in trees? Will you be in charge of keeping all the low branches trimmed?

    Your baby and my baby will be looked after very well by your DH and my DH while we go sit in a bookstore and sip coffee.

  7. (1000 Sunny is ready for the padded cell living room 😉 )

    I will not be with you in a bookstore sipping coffee….

    My deary, we will be in a private library with cappucino. I have expectations to live up to, you know?

    Did I mention that I would have a servant to turn the page? Hm?

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