To work…for money?

Someone has offered me a job, verbally, and without anything concrete to look at. Yet.  But this someone is a former colleague and also a friend, someone I trust.

I did some editing work for him years ago prior to the first child being born.

If when this current  job comes through, I will get paid to read words, and to fix sentences, and to write paragraphs.

From  home. Over the internet.


I think…


6 thoughts on “To work…for money?

  1. Thanks! I haven’t started yet, from what I understand my friend won’t be back to the office till mid week (he was out of town). But I can promise one thing…no matter what happens I’ll be blabbing about it online!

  2. That sounds like such a perfect job, lucky you! 🙂 I’m a writer/editor/comms advisor for the gov’t, and I don’t work from home. Recently came back to work after my 2nd mat leave…

  3. Hi Loukia…welcome. Your job sounds interesting…fed gov’t?

    The job hasn’t come through yet. I’m not surprised. Everything in aviation is “hurry up…and wait”. It’ll probably happen the day I plan on painting the kids room or the whole family gets sick at the same time…

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