Mom, I’m staaaarving!

I put this in front of the 4yo tonight.


Grass-fed, pasture-fed beef roast from our butcher, cooked slowly in the crockpot for 6 hours, with sweet potato, mushrooms and onions.

He got last nights roasted Yukon Gold potatos in place of the sweet potato because apparently he doesn’t like sweet potato.

Corn, which he asked for himself.

Cut up vegetables (cucumber, red pepper, and broccoli). He loves raw vegetables.

I put an almost identical meal on the table about once a week.

Tonight he announced that he wasn’t hungry. 20 minutes earlier he wanted crackers, milk, apple, chocolate, candies, anything he could think of, because he was starving. He didn’t get any of it because dinner was going to be ready in 20 minutes.

He didn’t eat his dinner.
He didn’t eat his vegetables.
He ALWAYS eats the veggies.

Last time I served this, he asked for seconds.

As I type this he is whining about how hungry he is. I offered to reheat his dinner, but he wants crackers, milk, apple…(see above).

I offered him yoghurt instead. He’s thinking about it.

Go figure.


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