Sara Black tomatos

I have never grown tomatos from seed. I never really understood why I should do that when everyone was selling tomato plans as early as March.

Then my neighbour showed up with a  package of heirloom seeds she ordered. She tried them last year and she succeeded! Some of her heirloom veggies were awesome!

Tomatos are a staple around our house. We eat them fresh off the plants in the summer, dried in various recipes if someone kind like my neighbour’s father-in-law brings some over, and even canned from the local supermarket all winter long.

But THESE tomatos, these heirloom ones, will be something alltogether different if I manage to raise them to fruit-bearning plants!

One type of seed that sprouted already in my makeshift, strawberry-container greenhouse, was the Sara Black tomatos. I have four tiny baby plants! Exciting, I tell you.


I’m hoping they will continue to thrive as we anxiously await spring to finally arrive.


If these seedlings develop and grow into actual fruit-bearing plants….


…then I hope to be eating fruit that looks like this:


4 thoughts on “Sara Black tomatos

  1. great. looks like the little pumkin plants of child2. Every evening we all are standing around the little plants, love them, talk to them and hope they will grow!!

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  3. My hopes and prayers are with your heirloom seedlings. With the proper conditions and lots of love I’m positive that they will bring you the fruit you deserve!

    I absolutely adore organic heirloom produce. Fine dishes are truly based on the best that nature offers.

    • Hi there and welcome to Javaline! You know, the heirloom tomatos have not done well since I’ve planted them out. They are growing extremely slowly and are now just over 2 inches tall. I would have thought by now they’d be taller and start formng flowers…my neighbour’s plants are similar as well, so we are wondering if we’ll have any tomatos to speak of by August or September. I certainly will blog about it again though…

      Having said all that, I find that there are lots of farmers markets out there who actually sell heirloom tomatos these days. Even some grocery stores are starting to carry them! I’m hoping to get my hands on some one way or the other…

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