As I sit here contemplating the stress and chaos in my life at the moment, I am eating a dark chocolate nutella on flax-and-sunflower-seed organic handcrafted piece of bread.

We’re out of wine.

Sonja has been incredibly toddlerish. I cannot keep up with her and I can’t keep up with anything else and I can’t keep her from whining and I can’t keep her from getting frustrated. So I just let her figure it out by herself. Like when she watches me dig in the veggie patch and wants to do the same and can’t because the shovel is too heavy and she doesn’ t want to use the small one. Or when she wants me to blow incessant bubbles and I can’t because I already did for an hour and a half and there’s no bubble left in the container. Or when she invites herself to the neighbour’s house but they’re not home and she doesn’t understand why they’re not opening the door.

The other one is ok but so chatty he’s driving me batty too. Silence is something I yearn for. There is none.

It’s sad.

I’d love to sit here and type a more thought-evoking post, but the baby is whining and the preschooler is yapping and the garden is beckoning and it’s supposed to rain for a week starting tonight and the kitchen is a mess and there’s no food in the house and the laundry has been sitting in the bedrooms for a week and needs to be put away and we’re out of wine.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Fed.Up.

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  2. It is nice to know that other Mom’s have days when they are Fed up. I love my 14 month old, but there are days I just don’t have the patience I need. God bless all mothers and care givers out there! I enjoyed reading your blog and will add it to my roll. Check mine out if you have a minute….mrscott.wordpress.com.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Welcome to my blog! Yes, you’re right, we deserve a medal or something…good luck with your tot. I will visit your blog!

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