And then there is the well-oiled machine

Yesterday I talked about defining roles in the morning routine to help keep that hectic part of that day calmer.

I commented about how that morning, DH and I, were not really, um, working together as well as we should have. 

Would you believe that the same day, after he came home early, which practically never happens these days, he and I had it together without even a word of request to each other? It was like a well-oiled machine, the way we each did a part that wasn’t previously defined by someone (or, um, shall we say, delegated to).

It makes me step back a second. When it really counts, and it counts every single minute of the day, but when it really, really counts, I can step back and relax. Knowing that between us, the children are well taken care of.

So I’m outside with the neighbour and kids. They’re all over the place, finally ending up in my backyard playing with mud. There’s currently a lot of mud in my backyard.

The baby, who needs the most attention, manages to get herself wet at a bucket of water, so I half-undress her and re-dress her with lightning speed so that my neighbour and I can share a well-deserved glass of wine while we watch the kiddies fall out of treestie rope around each other play together. We share a lovely conversation about how we desperately each need a new style, a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle, new furniture…you get the picture.

Suddenly, DH stands behind us. I’m thinking “it must be past dinner time, he never shows up this early” but I’m having a nice chat with minimal interruption for a change (trees! rope! mud!) and we exchange a few quick pleasantries before I ask him if he would mind taking Sonja inside, she’s wet and probably cold (and whiny…another clue that it’s probably dinner time).

He takes the baby in. I keep chatting. Did I mention I’m talking with an adult? And that there were few interruptions from the kids?

I have a brief flash that he’ll put the baby on the couch with a bottle of milk in front of a video but I’m not too concerned about it. I have no idea what time it is, but I know instinctively that it’s past 5:o0 pm at which point we usually get ready to eat (mostly because by then the kids are starving and beyond whiny).

Finally, our mud-covered offspring start to bicker, D and I finished our wine, and with promises to visit a MEXX outlet at some point, we depart.

And the well-oiled machine makes its first appearance.

Benjamin and I enter the house via front door. I see the baby on the couch watching her video, without a bottle of milk. But, she’s in her pjs….

DH says “she’s had her bath already, and I made rice for the crockpot chicken you have cooking there and your mom is coming by to drop off something because she doesn’t have time tomorrow”.

I glance at the clock and it’s 6 pm. Holy crap! I feel utterly thankful but there is no time for lovy-duddy here…

I say to Benjamin “you’re all muddy, go have your bath quick and I’ll finish up dinner for us” while Sonja simultaneously starts whining for milk.

Distracted by her, and by the lateness of the evening hour, I get her some rice and chicken together and stick her in her chair to eat it.

DH in the meantime is supervising  Ben’s bath. How nice is that! I thought I might have to run back and forth between the kids like I usually do when they don’t bathe together, but not today. He’s doing it…and I can sit with Sonja supervising her messy mealtime.

He does ask me at one point if I had a chance to get a salad together, and I in turn tell him to sit with the kids while they eat so I can do that. He does….knowing full well that as soon as he sits down with a plate, that meat-eating daughter of his will climb onto his lap and steal his chicken…

The whole evening continues along these lines, even after my mom shows up and distracts the kids for 10 minutes (she didn’t stay long enough to even have a cup of coffee).

By 7:30 pm, I had the baby in bed.

It is times like these that should prevail in my brain when the cookie crumbles the wrong way at the wrong time and I get distraught by defining roles in this house.

PS When I got up to pee at 1 am I still saw a light on somewhere in the house. DH working on class notes to present during his class this morning…he must have had an extra long night…thankfully a long weekend is upon us.

Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “And then there is the well-oiled machine

  1. I love it when my husband and I work as a true partnership – when I see him with our son, I particularly think how we are great of a team we are together. Imagine going through life with someone who wasn’t on your side?

  2. Vielen Dank fuer den “comment”! And welcome to my blog. It is nice to see the family work as a unit as opposed to the times when everyone and everything is flying off in different directions, isn’t it….Gruss!

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