Running around

The Easter weekend has been so incredibly busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Actually, I do. I’ve been running all over the place today, and it’s only lunch time. Thank god the baby is napping now…

* * *

I debated whether I should renew my passport, which expired last year, for the past year. I don’t really have any plans on traveling right now, and I don’t really feel like spending the $87 or more  if I don’t have to, but then DH told me that if I wait longer than one year past expiration, the process to re-apply is much more complicated and time consuming. Given I’ve always had an active passport (I was a flight attendant for a number of years) I thought what the heck, why not have it active again. Besides, what if DH has a conference in sunny California or something…then I could join him. After all, mom is retired now and would not mind at all minding her grandkids!

While I was there getting my mug shot done (!) I figured I may as well do Sonja, who was with me. When the photographer asked for cash, and all I could present him with was 34 cents, I had to leave the photos behind and go to the bank. Who carries cash these days? Well….I do, most of the time, but I rarely use it. Debit is just so much easier…and I find I think twice about using the debit card whereas I don’t even blink when it comes to spending cash…

Anyway, on the way to the bank I detoured home, dropped the groceries, picked up the other kid, and got him done too. His passport expired last month. Children are only active for 3 years, and he had one done at 9 months…

So that was the gist of my morning. I feel exhausted now. Maybe I will steal some easter chocolate from the kids’ baskets…there’s caffeine in chocolate, no?


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