I need someone to come sit in my house and be here while Sonja sleeps. Preferably if you could be here in the next 32 minutes, that would be immensely helpful. Because she’s asleep. At 11:15 am. Which normally she isn’t. Normally she naps after I pick up Ben at noonish.

Given that she slept about 11 minutes last night, and not consecutively either, I feel that she deserves to nap now. I’m happy she’s napping, ok? I want for her to have a good, long, 4-hour nap to make her forget whatever was causing her grief last night.

Teething? Probably.

Constipated? Yes.

Now she’s napping. And I have to leave in less than 30 minutes to pick up Ben. And all the cars from all the neighbours who are usually at home during the day are not there. No one is here.

Which means I have to wake the child in a bit, put a jacket on her, stick her in her car, pick up Ben while she cries/screams, and then bring them both home in time for what, more crying?

Yes, probably.

But probably not napping. Chances are that window of opportunity will have been destroyed by the daycare schedule.


Edited to add: She slept in the car. She slept while we waited for Ben to finish playing in the outdoor playground at school. She continued sleeping on the way back home, and she slept as I carried her back to her crib. She is still sleeping…my poor little darling…maybe she’s getting sick?


5 thoughts on “Babysitting

  1. Ach, Schalf…das ist “overrated”…but her nap today did help. Thank you for asking. I am actually doing ok given that I didn’t get much sleep last night. Now I’m hoping for an easy bedtime tonight!

    Gute Nacht.

  2. Bedtime was so so la la. She cried for daddy but wasn’t happy with him either. I gave her some meds. Her cheeks are bright, bright red…urgh. Poor thing. And today…immunization. Wish me luck.

    And luck to you with Baby5!

  3. It was baby (ha) 1, she took care of herself, but still, slept in baby 5s room and that means almost no sleep for me.

    Everything seems to be fine now.

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