Kids! Argh!

This morning, as I get up while the house is still quiet, to make coffee and play with Flickr (!), I see, in my peripheral vision through the kitchen window, that the inside light in the car is on.

My initial reaction is this:

KIDS! Two for the price of one!! OR BEST OFFER!!

Ok. Got that out of my system.

I remember specifically telling Benjamin not to play in the car. Yes, I leave the car unlocked on our driveway, mostly because I leave the stroller in the trunk and I access that stroller more regularly than the car, but for crying out loud. He knows he isn’t allowed to play inside the car. At least not when I’m not there to supervise.

He didn’t shut one of the doors properly.

And I of course, distracted by kids and popsicles and neighbours and sunshine and spring, I didn’t go check at the end of the day that the doors were shut.

Luckily I saw it before we had to drive to school today. Even though the light was on all night long.

Luckily I managed to start the car.

The battery is not dead.


I’m going to have my first cup of coffee now.

Good morning!


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