I need a money tree, and the dog is sick

It’s going to be a couple of expensive months.

There are birthdays, and a wedding, a car that will cost us pretty much an arm and a leg what with it’s leaking oil pan and transmission problems, and the dog is on meds.

The roof needs replacing this year (no more waiting), and apparently the chimney is crumbling. Must get that done prior to the roof being re-shingled.

Did I mention Rusty is sick?

There are raincoats to be bought (for me!), pants to be bought (for the 4yo), mulch to be bought (or the garden) and food to be bought (for us).

The bbq is flaming angrily. I almost got bbqued myself yesterday turning it on. Flames jumped out at me almost to my face. It is old and needs to be replaced.

The taxes still need to be filed. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a refund, but it’s another money thing on our list of things to do.

Today, I have to drop by the Animal Clinic and get more pain medication for Rusty.

He has cancer. Yesterday at the oncologist it was determined that he will probably not last beyond a month. And he may fracture his leg before then.

Treatment is removal of the tumerous leg.

Which will give him about an extra 3 months to live.

Unless we do chemo therapy and other treatment afterwards.

Which will give him about a year, maybe two, as a three-legged animal.

None of which I have a problem with. Essentially.

Except, he’s not 4. He’s almost 10. And he has issues. Emotional ones and psychological ones. He’s a Humane Society dog, whom we adopted as an adolescent.

He’s our crazy dog with Osteosarcoma. A very aggressive, painful, cancer.

Say we go for the surgery and treatment…well, we’re looking at probably upwards $8000.

I know we can’t afford it. I also know that I would probably not go ahead with the surgery even if I had the $8000.

I want him to have a nice, normal, as painless as possible final few weeks here with us and then have him “go to sleep forever”.

Money seems so insignificant when I think of the impending loss of our four-legged family member, but it’s not insignificant. It is a very real factor that does, yes I admit it, affect our decision making.

But it’s the dog’s well-being that’s at stake here. And as far as I’m concerned, we have given him the best life he could have hoped for.

Let him fall asleep with dignity.

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