Party Toddlers

Yesterday we went to a wedding that was organized mostly around the 5-and-under age group.

I got to watch, first hand, how toddlers interact with other toddlers in an environment that was open, relaxed, and fun! (We don’t get out much…)


There was Sonja, aka party-girl, who, at 18 months, seemed to be in about the middle in terms of size amongst all the other toddlers. There was one toddler in particular whom she found interesting, a 14-month old HUGE, blond, curly-haired little girl. She was about 30 lbs, but not in a fat way. She was just a big kid. Compared to Sonja’s 22 lbs, she really did look very big. But her and Sonja toddled around communicating in that non-verbal, stare-till-you-figure-it-out kind of way that was really rather amusing to watch.

To the untrained eye, it was sheer chaos…just a free-for-all, aimless, running around good time. There was laughter and giggling, screetching and screaming, also tip-toeing and dancing.

So much fun!

Need I mention both kid slept without as much as a peep the entire night all the way through till 7:30 am?


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