edibleToronto magazine, Spring 2009

edibleToronto magazine, Spring 2009

I recently came across a magazine called edibleToronto and really liked what I saw. The magazine’s focus is in line with the current trend to shop and eat local, to grow your own food, to be environmentally responsible, and to sustain the small business owner.  No features of chain stores or fast food joints that I have seen so far!

I saw an index in the back of the magazine that astonished me. This is not a new idea! There are many, many cities who have the same idea. My sister, for example, sent my mom the edibleVancouver version, which I haven’t had a chance to read beyond the first page yet, but I am still intrigued. This is right up my valley!

If you believe in the current trend, if you try to live a responsible lifestyle, if you like to eat real food as opposed to processed non-food, if you like to garden (no matter how small you patch may be), even if you want to move into the country, these magazines have ideas to help inspire you on your journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, I would like to introduce a new path on this very blog, currently mostly a mommyblog, that will focus on this idea, using the edible magazines as inspiration. Content about this will be filed under Edibles, and I hope to file, among other things, websites I want to keep track of, as well as share with visitors to my blog.

To begin, I have 3 ideas I’d like to check into further, once I have a few uninterrupted moments:

100 Mile Challenge

Not a huge fan of tv to begin with, this website chronicles people who have signed up to this challenge. I may continue buying lemons and bananas for now, items not grown locally in this vast land, but inspirational people inspire me.

City Farmer

City farmer! That’s me. I got heirloom tomato plants lined up on my sunniest window sill right at this very moment! Will look further into this site.  According to one little article, it’s easy to grow your very own shiitake mushrooms…how neat is that? Given the price of these perishables at your local grocery store…Definitely worth a visit.

Book: Inquiries into the nature of Slow Money, investing as if Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered (Chelsea Green Publishing).

This is a book that would interest me. Woody Tasch, the author, describes an economic system that invests in local economies and has the patience to wait for slow and steady returns. He also questions our unreasonable and unrealistic demand for rapid growth and record profits.

And these are just the start. Welcome to the Javaline Edibles!

PS Edible Vancouver is using Twitter: http://twitter.com/EdibleVancouver


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