Sanity Savers – Tip #3

I’m pretty sure I read about this tip here. But I can’t find the exact post, so here is my version:

If you’re going to cook from scratch, you will probably make at least some mess in the kitchen. So, if you’re making spaghetti sauce, chicken pot pie, chili, stew or any other slow cooking meal, whether in a regular pot or in the crockpot, you should really consider making several batches at once.

I mean, if you’re going to make a mess, might as well make enough food to SAVE the mess next time. 

So…spaghetti sauce for 4 meals? Keep one serving for tonight, and pour the rest into mason jars, freeze, and next time you feel the urge for pasta, all you need to do is cook the pasta.

Chicken Pot Pie tickle your fancy? Make them all at once, and put them in the freezer. Then, take one out of the freezer and, no mess! Just reheat and serve.


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