Toddler bed

Most people I know are against toddler beds.

About half the people I know thinks it’s too early to stick a 4 year old and an 18 month old in bunk-beds. The other half thinks it’s not too early.

One adult person in this house thinks the time has come to purchase/borrow/steal a bunk-bed.
One adult person in this house thinks that trips to the hospital for broken bones due to adventurous climbing activites will follow suit when said bunk-bed arrives in the children’s room.

Bottom line? Sonja needs a bed. Soon.
Other bottom line? The room they have to share is not big. A bunk-bed would be perfect. Because two full-sized single beds in that room will feel cramped.

Toddler bed.

Neither of the adults in this house are crazy about the idea of spending more money.  Because the bed must come with a mattress and assorted accessories.

New solution?


Happen to see someone toss this little toddler bed out when they moved. It’s in great condition, it’s been washed, and I may even spray paint it with a funky new colour!

Best part – it was free!

7 thoughts on “Toddler bed

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  2. Wow, you won an award! Cool!!!

    Now, how do I get that award? Sevenjobs has not come to visit my new blog 😦 boohoo…

    You did good and the toddler bed looks great (but you would have survived the bunks… tell DH that).

  3. I won an award all the way from Germany! Without even trying! Ha.

    Thanks Sevenjobs. That’s great. I’m always looking out to find new, innovative ways to make do with what we have. This should be easy given that DH is a packrat…ha!

    And Andrea, yes, I too probably would have survived the bunks. But there is enough stress in this household at the moment, why add to it.

    Now…what colour should I spraypaint this little bed?

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