Furniture hunt

Sometimes, people spend inordinate amounts of time researching what type of furniture they would like to ornate their homes. The type of wood, the type of fabric, leather? What would suit their lifestyle? What would look nice? What will last, at while at least? And what price is acceptable? And affordable?

We spent a lot of time trying to find the right couch at the right price. We’re still spending time looking for just the right sectional for downstairs so we can cuddle up and watch our new flatscreen tv.

I’ve been looking for a new dining table and chairs for as long as we have lived here (going on 10 years). Our current table is an Ikea table which suits its purpose just fine right now considering all the scratches, dents and sticky spots on it. But I dream…. This looks like the kind of table that I might like…

The amount of time we have been spending on the furniture hunt has recently ceased.

It appears that we do not need furniture. Except maybe for a couple of Ikea pieces made specifically for kids.

Seems she prefers to sit ON tables.


Seems he prefers to sit in baskets.


Our nice leather couch is constantly covered with blankets, pillows, stuffed toys. If they DO sit on it, it’s for 17 seconds. After that they lounge, jump, climb or hang on or off it.

Who needs furniture?

Not us.


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