Bon voyage

We said goodbye to Rusty yesterday. It was aweful.


But the vet came to the house, which made it easier for Rusty.

I haven’t put anything of his away yet. I feel utterly sad and empty and deflated. Kind of like these:


I hope he is pain-free and happy, wherever he is now.


3 thoughts on “Bon voyage

  1. Feeling a tad better today. I may even wash all the dog blankets today. And I’m letting the tears flow freely. My poor puppydog…he had a great last day, and I’m trying hard to focus on his happy ‘rolling-on-the-warm-grass-on his-back’ instead of on those last few minutes when the vet came. It’s the hardest thing, to put 8 years of good times out of your head to replace 5 minutes of immense sadness.

    Thank you for your comments.

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