More obessions

I move furniture around. It’s what I do. It’s cheaper than moving, for one thing. And it’s fun. But only until I see the mess it created.

Unfortunately, I usually move all of the furniture back to how it was before. This is not productive behaviour in terms of time, but the residual clutter forces me to purge.

Purging is a good thing. (While this supposed purging is going on, I manage to distract myself enough to come sit in front of THIS distraction and blab on incessantly. Funny how that happens.)

This time however, I have a real excuse for my itch to move furniture around. I have to accommodate the toddler bed in Benjamin’s room. The way the room is set up currently (with her crib in MY bedroom), Ben has an extra shelf with toys in the spot where her bed will have to go. The entire room needs to be rearranged to accommodate two children sleeping and playing in there.

So while I’m thinking about where to put beds and moving stuff around in there, I notice that the walls are kind of shabby. I may as well throw a new coat of paint up in there. But first I have to fill the holes in the wall. Which means I have to clear out stuff, or at least move it away from the walls.

Can you imagine what empty bookshelves in the middle of the room, as in, not fastened to the wall, will do to a toddler?


So, I have to CLEAR OUT all the current stuff, fix up the walls,  paint, and move the stuff back into new locations. Preferably during naptime.

Ha. Ha.

Which brings me back to my moving-furniture-situation.

I moved the tall bookshelf from Ben’s room into the livingroom. I had a vision how it will balance and complement the room better.

It didn’t work. There’s a reason why I was a flightattendantcrewschedulercustomersupportagentmarketingrepresentative in my previous life, and not an interior decorator.

So I moved the short shelf into the livingroom. To make the room FEEL better I had to move an existing cabinet (housing the hard liquor we never drink). Twice.

It’s now back in its original spot.

The short shelf, which I planned on leaving in Ben’s room, is now relocated to a new spot in the livingroom in a corner where I never imagined I would place a short shelf.

It looks ok. For the time being.

More importantly, it’s functional.

The tall shelf is in the kitchen blocking the light switch. But the kitchen has two other light switches, so we’ll just have to live with it until the kids’ room is painted.

I may place the tall shelf back in the kids room later, in between the two beds.

We’ll see.

It’s annoying, this furniture moving experience. I have a thousand more important things I could do with my time, but I am easily distracted.

I’m also a libra. Libras are scales. Scales are happiest in balance mode.

I am not feeling  very balanced at the moment.

This is the end of my rant.

5 thoughts on “More obessions

  1. I love moving furniture around and purging and giving rooms a fresh new look. I haven’t done this in ages. I think you just might have started me on something….

  2. I spent today rearranging furniture in a slightly different way. My disgustingly practical husband taught be a useful trick.

    Rather than get hot and bothered moving ACTUAL furniture many, many years ago he showed me a different method.

    We cut out paper shapes measured to scale of all the items in a room and move them around on graph paper.

    Most of the time it works really well but not always. I’m a VERY visual person so I usually end up doing the paper method, followed closely behind the REAL sweat-inducing method.

    ALAS by lastest foray has a major glitch. I came up with the brilliant plan of putting the 18 month old in with the 6 year old. I did all the research for bunks. Found a fabulous set that is L-shaped and has a removable ladder.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board. The ceiling fans are just to darn close to the top bunk. We could always relocate the fan but the room is small. If we moved it far enough way (2 metres) to be safe it pretty much negates the whole point of having a fan to circulate air.

    Sigh! I was very excited at the concept of having a toy/guest room. I was picturing in my mind what the living room would look like minus all the ‘kid clutter’.

    Oh well… cest la vie. They won’t be little forever.

    • gosh, I wish I could get such a bunk. It sounds exactly perfect! But…they sound high. Some of the stores here, including Ikea, have options with lower bunks, even L-shaped ones. I will have to keep a lookout for one in the next year or two…

      Happy furniture moving!

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