The weirdest thing…


Would you allow your toddler to take a $5 bill from a nice old man just because he felt bad he didn’t look both ways while backing his truck out of a driveway?

This has been the weirdest situation.

This guy, backing his pickup truck out of a narrow driveway behind a row of stores, looked up the one-way street, but not down (where we were walking). Sonja was slightly ahead of me and I pulled her gently back by her hood of her jacket when I saw the truck approach.

The old man, probably in his 60s or so, gave me a startled look when he saw us, and stopped the truck. He mouthed the words “oh my god, I’m sorry”, and I waved to him and said “it’s ok”. He was driving VERY slowly, and we were walking just as slowly, and nothing bad happened, and so we continued on our way.

Then I feel him approach me with his truck. He pulls up right beside me and starts apologizing for not having been more careful. I assured him all is well. I mean, what else can I do? If he’s feeling this bad he is likely not to forget this incident anytime soon. Which is a good thing, for any driver.

But then he says to me “bring that cute girl closer”. I pick her up and we stand two feet away from the truck and I say to her “say hello to the man”. She doesn’t. She just stares at him.

That’s when he waves a $5 bill toward her. I ask “why are you giving her money?” and he says “because you were extra careful and I feel so bad”.

I assure him again that this isn’t necessary and that nothing happened and that all is well. I put Sonja down and we continue walking….and the man comes out of the truck and says “please take it!”.

Sheesh. What do I do? I keep telling him that it’s not necessary. That’s when he puts the note in the hood of MY coat!

By this time we’re getting closer to Sonja’s doctor appointment and I don’t have time to stand around and argue with him, so I just say “thank you” and walk on.

What the heck else could I have done?

I left the five bucks in my hood until we got to the clinic.


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