Once again…

I’ve said it before. It’s tradition. WHEN will I learn?

Hello heatwave! Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago I was wearing a jacket? Now, we can’t get cool enough.

Last year the a/c broke at the same time. There was some talk about fluid leaking but I saw no leak. I see no leak now. The air coming into the house is lukewarmish. Or, lukecoldish. It’s doing nothing to cool down the house. It’s 27 degrees Celsius in here which, for you Farenheit types, is HOT (just over 80).

It’s not the heat I dread. It’s that subtropical humidity. It’s making me crazy. Especially when the kids get all wound up…

Well…today, a new couch is coming. Leave it to hubby to venture into discount stores. $1000 couch, all leather, for 300 smackaroos. Only thing missing is the feet. We can get feet at Home Depot or Ikea….so. The new couch will be delivered today into our cool basement and we can finally start watching our new tv with comfort. Or more likely, sort kids clothes while watching tv. Or dust, or tidy toys, or clean something. While watching tv.

I’m not used to watching tv. This will be a novelty for me. Ha!

Reminder to self: go down there with big garbage bags. Time to purge.

At least it’s cool down there…


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