School’s out….

…or, is it just about to begin?


source: psychologytoday

We got our first letter confirming attendance for a morning Junior Kindergarten class starting September 8.

My little guy is going to Kindergarten!

What will the year bring? Will he like it? Will he adjust to five mornings of public school?

In a way, I’m excited. But I’m also terrified. I have so many questions.

At least I have options should things not work out. I live in a country where I can pull my kid out of class and homeschool him. This is not an option I shy away from, although I have not given it enough thought to actually consider it, at this point.

I’m going to focus on the positive here. And prepare him for a new adventure. And spend the summer enjoying  his childhood!


2 thoughts on “School’s out….

  1. I bet your son will love school. My kids enjoyed kindergarten, it was a bit terrifying for me at first, but after the first week and things were going well, I put my fears to rest and enjoyed the time they had in school. This was there time to learn new things, and socialize with many new friends whom they might not have met otherwise.

    They had a great first experience, I hope your son will too.

  2. I hope so, and we are especially looking forward to making new friends right here in our neighbourhood! Always nice to hear that children enjoy kindergarten, thank you for telling us about your experience. It is a milestone, isn’t it.

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