Loose coins

Doesn’t everyone keep a jar, or a bowl, around the house where loose coins get dropped into?


The kids have various piggy banks that they like to play with. Two are pigs, one an airplane, and one a plastic peanut jar that peanut butter used to come in. The mom of an old boyfriend saved it for me back in my university days, and I still have it. It’s full of coins!

If you pour out the coins and start sorting, and counting them, it is actually astonishing just how much money you have. This is legal currency, cash flow, and there is no reason why you can’t use these coins on your next shopping trip.

We counted out the coins and placed them in two snack-sized ziplock bags. One contained $1 coins (loonies here in Canada) and 5 cent pieces (nickels), and the other contained the twoonies and dimes. ($2 pieces and 10 cents). All together, we probably had over 20 bucks! Perfect for the farmers’ market.

This was Benjamin’s big opportunity to buy, and pay for, carrots, cherries and chocolate-drizzle pecan tarts. And he did so with pride and joy.

The next step is to teach him the value of money…


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