I got nothing

Here is the offical reason why I consider myself a writer: writer’s block.

Here’s another one: procrastination.

Look. I planned all week to have Tuesday to myself. I packed the whiny children into the car after not sleeping most of the night, I drove them to another town, and I dropped them off at their grandparents house. The entire 25-minute trip to their place I was planning in my head what I was going to accomplish with my blog, with my business idea, with my writing, with my life once I got back home. I was looking forward to silence, my laptop, coffee (first) and wine (later), and I was going to BE PROACTIVE and GET SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED.

The trip home via the highway theoretically takes 20 minutes.

In actual fact it took one hour and 24 minutes because I first stopped at off at H&M to not buy a new skirt. I then walked through the drug store to look for a disgusting tasting but not harmful ointment or lotion or potion or something to put on my 4yo’s chewed up fingernails in order to GET HIM TO STOP CHEWING HIS NAILS. He has such beautiful hands. With disgusting chewed up nails. I hate that. Couldn’t find any but bought a facial eyebrow shaping kit instead. For $13 plus tax. The spa lady does it for 10 bucks. Go figure.

Then I took the highway home but exited two exits prior to my exit because I HAD TO stop at the new mexican burrito place that opened in my neighbourhood but I didn’t know exactly where it was located and no way was I going to miss that spot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE authentic mexican food. (Not Taco Hell Bell, ew gross). And I knew that if I missed the place I would have to make a right or a left turn in a construction zone during heavy traffic and get lost and not find parking and that would delay me even more, which is why I exited two exits before the usual one. No way I was going to waste time on my only free day.

Then I had to wait for my burrito. First though, I had to go back to my car to get more cash. They didn’t have debit installed, and although I had $6 in coins, the large steak burrito with everything came to $7.50 and I had left my ziplock baggies with my loose dimes and quarters in the car. I was missing a buck fifty so while I counted out my dimes they cooked my yummy burrito.

When I finally got home, I had to set the table (trust me, that burrito requires a plate) in front of the tv on the coffee table which I first had to clear off what with toys and puzzles and remotes and newspapers cluttering the space. Then I had to rewind the tape so I could watch yesterday’s Y&R episode (which bored me to pieces. Who cares about Phillip returning from the dead and Cane being a fraud. Give me the good stuff! Where was Victor, and Phyllis, and all the drama with Sharon, and Jack?)

The rest of the morning continued in this fashion. Now, it’s almost 1 o’clock and Michael Jackson’s memorial extravaganza is about to start. Perhaps I can have the tv on mute and type while glancing at the images on the screen?

So I type endless words.
But I got nothing.


One thought on “I got nothing

  1. You wouldn’t be able to work while watching the memorial… you would have been too busy crying… like I was.

    Sad, sad, sad.

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