Wineless Wednesdays

Susan is a funny chick. I go read her blog every once in a while and she makes me giggle.

Seems she likes her cocktails. And her wine. In fact, in one of her posts she specifically said that during a 30-day thing she “did not have a single drink and gained three pounds. Apparently sitting on my ass drinking was what kept me thin”.


So what’s a girl to do? I went and made a comment, naturally. In which I said “perhaps my inclusion of cheese with my wine is what makes the pants feel tight-er”.

Turns out that Susan too likes cheese!

I raise my glass to Oklahoma City all the way from Toronto! Cheers!!

All this drinking drama may make it sound like we’re a bunch of alkies. Let me assure you nothing is further from the truth. Although there are times when the idea behind NOT pouring that second drink is not that appealing given the alternative. Say after a 4-hour car drive with a cranky toddler and a 4 year old.

I’m just sayin’.

But nevertheless, it being summer and all, I am much more aware of certain body parts more often than I would be during cooler months, and frankly, the mid-section is of grave concern to me.

So I initiated a little challenge for myself. I call it Wineless Wednesdays.

Although the first rule was that it didn’t have to be an actual Wednesday which was to remain wine-free. It could be any other day of the week. But calling it Wineless Fridays just doesn’t quite cut it, if you ask me, and besides, who in their right mind would refuse a refreshing cocktail on a Friday? After a long week with two active kids during a city worker strike with no access to pools for a month? And who doesn’t reach for a glass of wine with that special steak dinner on Saturday night? And since Sunday is part of the weekend, why would I deny myself the pleasures of having a lovely white wine spritzer with a generous piece of lime floating in it? Which brings us to Monday, a day that still feels the same during the summer months as it does during a work/school week….hence, a glass of red wine to go with the spaghetti is called for, no?

My current challenge is the fact that I do not have a single bottle of white wine in the house. It’s hot out. And sunny. And the open red just isn’t quite what I crave. Techincally I could walk to the liquor store and pick some up, but I’d have to rustle up two kids to walk the distance, which, come to think of it, would help with the extra poundage I’m lugging around, but then again, maybe not, since I’d be (do I have to say it again?) walking with a toddler and a 4 year old. Right there, a brisk 20-minute walk would take an hour and include whining about candy and popsicles and being tired in between stopping to inspect every single stick or stone or piece of litter along the way that by the time I’d get to the store I’d kick myself for not having brought along a wine opener.

But I digress.

Instead, I could perhaps challenge myself to remain wineless today.

Although, it’s been a while since I’ve tasted a saphire gin and tonic…that’s the second implied rule: the WINE in Wineless doesn’t have to mean specifically wine. It could mean any other type of alcoholic drink.

But I digress again.

Here’s to Wineless Wednesdays!

PS Susan isn’t giving up cheese either. And since I’m half Swiss, that’s not even an option.

6 thoughts on “Wineless Wednesdays

  1. I stumbled across your blog today looking for something about daycare sick policies (google turned up an old post of yours) and I have not stopped reading! I feel like I have met a kindred spirit! Thanks for all your great posts. My girlfriends and I here in the Colorado mountains think you’re great!

    • Oh you are so sweet. Thank you! I’ve been on a dry spell over the summer but got itchy to get back to blogging. Welcome to my blog, and hope to see you again!

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