Who can write like this?

Really, I must do something about the noise level in this house. How can two tiny children create so much noise? Why do they have to speak so loud? And why are they repeating everything a thousand times?

A dozen times a day I want to sit and type out a post. I have, believe it or not, skills, and opinions, and ideas, and well-thought-out drafts that could make for much better reading, but this environment of mine is not exactly condusive to writing intelligently.

4yo: You are the poopiest baby!

toddler: I NOT poopiest baby!

4yo: Yes you are! You are the poopiest baby! You broke my lego truck!


Today they drive me crazy. Today, he’s not here to take them off my hands either. He’s at a furniture action…and although he called like twenty times while at the auction, he hasn’t been answering his phone for the past couple of hours. WHERE is he?

oops…ok. He’s at the butcher. Yum. STEAK tonight! And red wine!

Perhaps I’ll make a reservation at the looney bin tomorrow.


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