When toddlers don’t nap

Long gone are the happy days of swaddled Sonja.

Long, LONG gone.  Naptime often looks more like this
I’ve tried everything, and then some, to get some quiet time around here. The singing, reading books, chatting, lying down with her, even a dvd are all methods which work some of the time. But not all of the time.
On some days, when I’m really, really in the mood for some quiet time, I seriously contemplate using some of this:
ducttape2 or maybe some of this:


Unfortonately, neither item is considered legal. And I resign myself to an afternoon of not getting dinner started, not blogging, not cleaning up the messes, not doing laundry, not bonding with the 4yo…

Some days, daddy does the trick though. Some days, Sonja is happy to snuggle with daddy….which suites me just fine.


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