Winter salad with beets

With varying degrees of flu-like sickness making the rounds in this family, we’ve been focusing a lot on eating fresh fruits and veggies. Besides the obvious nourishing soups these ingredients can provide, I’ve also been making a lot of salads like this:


The trick to eating daily salads with a lot of chopped veggies, which is time consuming under the best of times but more of a pain during the whiny-crying-clingy-sick-children phase, is to do bulk chopping once or twice a week. Store these bite-sized pieces in the fridge. When it comes time to composing your salad, just throw a handful of each type on top of the greens, and you’re good to go.

Winter Salad with beets

For each serving, you need:

1-2 handfuls of greens (think mesclun, spinach, or a mix of lettuces)
a bit of arugula, bitter green, mustard greens, or fresh herbs (like parsley, watercress)
1 handful of at least two chopped veggies (choose peppers, tomatos, cucumbers, carrots, fennel)
chopped apple or pear (optional)
a sprinkling of good-quality feta cheese
some pickled or roasted beets*
a tbsp seeds (sunflower, pumpkin) or nuts (hazelnut, almond, walnut)
a drizzle of each balsamic vinegar and olive oil

*You can use raw beets and grate them, or chop them very fine, if the beets are fairly small and fresh. Alternatively, the next time you bake or roast something in the oven, throw some larger beets in a separate baking dish, cover with foil, and roast along with it. Cool completely, peel, and use in the salad. Or, if you have access to a good quality, not too vinegary pickled beet, that will  do in a flash as well.


One thought on “Winter salad with beets

  1. Inspired by the delicious meal I was so blessed to share with you recently, I made your arugula/fresh beet/pear salad for my parents as part of my going away dinner.

    We did not have cheese and we could have tolerated a few more sunflower seeds… but even my dad complimented me on it (he avoids my “fresh veggies” because he is certain that I am out to poisen him… are we ever allowed to roll our eyes at our fathers?)

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