We are reading!

Both kids, but especially the toddler, like this book. It’s a rhyme with a neat little tempo, and the story is just so cute. And the pictures! The pictures! I love all the detail…why can’t I have seven children??



Here’s a book I picked out just for fun. Although I have no intensions of moving my family to a hamlet out in the middle of nowhere living off grid and eating homegown and homeground granola or what have you, this book is EXCELLENT on so many levels for anyone who is interested in anything to do with self-sufficiency, self-reliance, gardening even on a small scale, nature, whole food, cooking, and any number of related topics. What’s really fascinating about this woman is how she wrote the book(s) (while pregnant and with numerous children, and animals, about her constantly). It’s up to its 10th edition and full of website links.  Carla Emery is her name…



I’m also reading this book. I just happened to see it on the shelf at the library and figured, hey, I immerse myself in self-made misery often enough, why not see what it’s all about? I like him…he’s easy to read and brings in all kinds of real examples, from his family to other, participating families.



One thought on “We are reading!

  1. I just KNEW you would love the Encyclopedia!!! I have my VERY own copy (and it is worth it, very, very worth it!) and I read tidbits every night.

    It is the absolute first encyclopedia I have just picked up and read from page one onward.

    About the seven children… Muhahaha… I will send you five, pick them up on Monday from the airport, please. Instant Sanity (for me) and you will have your seven eaters… But I seriously doubt that you will find their table manners in any manner to be “cute”…

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