Local Fire Department Open House

Our 4yo Benjamin is constantly playing with fire. PRETEND fire, that is. That’s because he’s a fire fighter. Or, err…a fire CHIEF.

So a few weeks ago we went to the Fire Department Open House, located at their training facility, and watched the fire fighters demonstrate all things fire safety related.

Needless to say, he was very impressed.

Fire Department Open House 2

Even our little toddler stopped squirming when they demonstrated a live fire extinguishing exercise! Click here for the 35 second movie.

There were other demonstrations as well, including one guy who, with the help of all the pint-sized fire fighters in the audience, dressed himself in his protective gear. The kids got a real kick out of it since not only did they get to speak up, but they also learned some neat terminology.

Fire Department Open House 1

For anyone interested in all things fire related, the Kids Firefighter Blog has a collection of fantastic fire related pictures, movies, and games. Which is why we linked to there for this post…hope you enjoyed.


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