In the name of procrastination

It has been a while since I have posted to Javaline. And not for lack of want. It’s more for the inability to articulate it in such a way that won’t bore/under-stimulate/depress me (or anyone who reads this) during a time when everyone is busy/preoccupied/tired.

There has been much activity within our family lately and it’s been emotionally draining. Between various deaths, both inside our family and within our circle of friends, Christmas preparations, school activities for the children, and the endless, constant battle with misplaced or lost hats, mittens, gloves, boots, and snow pants, I’m just not able to concentrate long enough to focus on MY needs. For anything, not just blogging. I find myself racing from station to station leaving incompleted projects all over the house.

For instance, just now I’m multitasking between several crucial chores I’ve been meaning to address for some time now. But as is typical for me, right now, when I should be walking downstairs to flip the switch on the circuit panel to restore power to the boy’s room where I was vacuuming while the homemade beef stock is defrosting in the microwave, which was knocked out because this house can’t handle a vacuum cleaner and microwave working together simultaneously on the same electrical circuit, I decided that a detour into the complete opposite direction AWAY from the basement steps TOWARD the beckoning laptop is much more productive for my procrastination. And my blogging.

But not for my vacuuming, soup-cooking etc (see above).

Lucky for you, you now have something to read, even though it is probably highly inarticulate in a grammatical sense.

But I know you know what I mean.

Oh, look at the time…gotta run to pick up the kids.


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