I’m tired and unmotivated and should be doing twelve things immediately, but I won’t. I’d rather type this and procrastinate.

Today we went to the dentist about the loose tooth in the 4yo and the entire appointment took 3 minutes and they didn’t charge us a penny.

Seems Benjamin’s top front tooth is loose, and so is the one next to it, but he doesn’t need an X-Ray and frankly I shouldn’t worry since they’ll probably fall out within the next year anyway. No root damage indicated, no worries.

So there’s that.

Then I thought maybe we should finally get our Christmas tree.  Since Christmas is in, what, two weeks or something? Although that little fake tree we have which I used back in my single-no-kids-days is decorated and crooked and full of hand-made ornaments. The kids love it, and so do I, but I’m in a complaining mood so there’s that.

Theoretically, this fake crooked Christmas tree should be enough.

But I want to smell the pine.

And I want to put the antique ornaments on MY tree which the kids aren’t allowed to touch.

And I want my tree to be taller than the mid-sized lamp, and sparkly with the new lights which I’ve purchased and returned and re-purchased twice since the beginning of December.

I complained to the boy about our lack-of-Christmas-tree and he decided that we should call daddy at work and announce that he should pick up a tree on the way home. Or not be served supper if he arrives tree-less. (Ok, that last part was MY idea, but it sounds less drastic and more pathetic coming from a tiny child and will much more likely evoke results in a real tree appearing in this house. I’m just saying).

So that’s that.

And don’t get my started about the baking. Oh, I’ve been ambitious. I’ve made dough. And icing. I’ve even baked some cookies already…Except the one batch is still missing the jam in between the top and the bottom layer. And the other type is almost all eaten up so maybe I need to bake more of that kind. And the third type, my favorite kind, is still in dough form and wrapped in plastic, waiting for someone to cut roll it out and cut it into stars already.



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