Setting the tone

This morning he took his car keys and went to work.

While driving his car he touched his pocket of his jacket and felt something big and noisy in there.

He then did something highly illegal (since last month in this province) and picked up his cell phone to call me.

Luckily I was home.

“Make coffee, a big pot, I’m on my way home.”

Why? I asked.

“I have your car keys.”

Quick check around and by gosh and by golly I have no car keys, which means I cannot pick up the kids. Or lock the house.

I’m not exactly sure how he confuses my car keys with his, since his are attached to the automatic beeper thingy and the house key, for a total of 3 things on the chain, whereas I have on my chain every key I’ve ever owned, plus those of my parents and my neighbour. And of filing cabinets and suitcases, and lockers and god knows what else.

If this is going to set the tone of what the rest of the week will bring, well…help me.


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