Christmas morning

On Christmas morning, Sonja climbed into bed with me for a snuggle.  At 5 am….

But it was a lovely snuggle. She was all warm and cuddly and just so – toddlerish. We both fell asleep again.

At about 6 am she woke up and the following conversation ensued:

Sonja: Mommy, it’s Halloween today.

Me: No, it’s Christmas day today.

Sonja: No. It’s…halloween…

Me: Remember we have a Christmas tree, and Christmas cookies, and Christmas presents…?

Sonja: *silence* (I can see her wheels turning)

Sonja: Can I have a little bit some Christmas milk?

Me: Yes, you can have your milk.

Sonja: And YOU can have your Christmas coffee!

Ahhh…smart child.


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